• Finca (174.100 m²)
    + Mas (36 m²)


Finca in Calaceite with a mas and a total area of 174.100 m2 (17.41 hectares). The finca is located about 6 kilometers from the village and 7 kilometers from the village of Caseres. There are mainly olive trees on an area of 42.900 m2. A large part, namely 131.200 m2, consists of private forest. And there are beautiful rocks, with areas you can enter, which are also part of the finca. The mas has an area of 36 m2, of which the walls and roof are in good condition. It is possible to renovate the mas. From different points of the finca there are beautiful views and at some parts of the finca there is lots of privacy. The finca is easily accessible via wide sand tracks and due to its location, the finca is surrounded by nature, there is a lot of peace and quiet. And the river Algars is 3 kilometers away from the property.