• Finca (44.800 m²)
    + Mas (15 m²)


Finca in Calaceite with a total area of 44.800 m2 (4.48 hectares). The property is located about 3 kilometers from the village of Caseres and 5 kilometers from the center of Calaceite. Olive trees grow on 8.200 m2 and almond trees grow on 2.500 m2. The remaining area of 34.100 m2 consists of private forest. There is a mas of 15 m2, which is built against a rock. The rock is also part of the property and it is possible to completely renovate the mas. From various points there are beautiful views and the finca is easily accessible via wide sand tracks, which are in good condition. The finca is completely surrounded by nature, making it quiet and peaceful. The tarmac road is less than a kilometer from the property as well as the Algars river.