Finca in Calaceite with a total area of 94.300 m2 (9.43 hectares). The property is located about 5 kilometers from the center and 7 kilometers from the village of Caseres. There are olive trees on 24.900 m2 of land and almond trees on 27.600 m2 of land. 41.800 m2 consists of private forest. There is a corral, this is an enclosure of natural stone, of which the walls are still intact. The corral has an area of 180 m2 and can be renovated. There is also a caseta of about 14m2, which can also be renovated. Located higher up on municipal land, there is a natural basin, a balsa, in which rainwater is collected as drinking water for the wild animals. From the cottage there is a beautiful view and from the corral you have a view of the village. The finca is completely surrounded by nature, so there is a lot of peace and lots of privacy. The property is easily accessible via unpaved roads and the river Algars is located about 3 kilometers from the finca.