• Finca (8.200 m²)
    + Mas (36 m²)


Finca with water with a surface area of 8.200 m2 (0.82 hectares). The property is located in Fabara about 8 kilometers from the village. The land is planted with the ´Sevillano´ olive and they are full in production. The trees receive water from a water canal which also can be used for personal use in the “mas”. The anual costs for the water are around 100 euros without paying extra for the consume. There is a “mas” with a surface area of 36 m2 whose walls are in good condition. It does need some renovation to make it habitable. The Algars river is located within 300 meter, a great place to swim and to walk. The property is located in an area with pine trees and hilly mountains, the site has beautiful views and there is lots of privacy.