Finca with a surface area of ​​13.800 m2 (1.38 hectares), located in the municipality of Maella. The plot with a coral and a “mas” is located nine kilometers from the village Maella and is situated at the end of the road. This means that only the owner enters the property, which ensures that it has lots of privacy. The “mas” and the coral are protected by mountains and have views over the whole property. The mas has an area of ​​108 m2, which is divided over two floors. The walls and roof are in good condition and inside there is a fireplace and there is a space for the hay. The coral which is made against the rocks of the mountains has an area of ​​73 m2. It was used as a place to keep the animals together. It is a rich green and mountainous area with large rock formations. The relatively small finca has throughout the whole year water and because of the size of the finca, the costs for the water are low.