Finca with water with a total surface area of 22.800 m2 (2.28 hectares), located about 5 kilometers from the town of Caspe. The finca is connected to the irrigation channel and consists of two plots. The building is situated on the smaller plot of 1.100 m2 and has a total area of 222 m2. The mas is well built of beautiful, large natural stone blocks. The surface of the mas which is in good condition is 172 m2, 86 m2 per floor. Next to the mas there is an extension which has recently fallen down. The extension has an area of 50 m2, 25 m2 per floor. It is possible to rebuild the extension. Next to the plot on which the mas is located, there is a larger plot of 21.700 m2. The small plot would be ideal for a vegetable garden and on the large plot fruit trees could be planted. The property is surrounded by nature, has lots of privacy and is easily accessible by a tarmac road.