• Finca (13.900 m²)
    + Mas (151 m²)


Finca with water with a total surface area of 13.900 m2 (1.39 hectares) located at less than three kilometres from the town of Caspe. There is a mas of 151 m2 in total. The mas has two floors, the ground floor and the first floor, each of 50 m2. Next to the mas there is a ‘corral’, this is a natural stone fence, of 51 m2. The finca consists of eight unplanted terraces, where all kinds of (fruit) trees can be planted and / or a vegetable garden can be planted. The finca is easily accessible via a paved road and has a lot of privacy, since it is located at the end of the road. There are great views of the city and the river Guadalope is situated about two kilometres from the property. The finca is connected to the water channel and is entitled to it the whole year.