Finca with a total surface area of 120.800 m2 (12.08 hectares) located in the municipality of Fabara, 6 kilometers from the village of Fabara and 6 kilometers from the village of Nonaspe. The property is divided into 62.300 m2 of registered land and 58.500 m2 of rented land of the “Sociedad de Comuneros de Fabara”. The costs for this area are 30 euros per year. The land is planted with olive trees and almond trees, which are fully in production. There are two “mases” on the registered plot. There is a renovated mas of 120 m2 in total, spread over two floors. This mas is in very good condition. Upstairs there is a fireplace, a simple kitchen and a toilet. The ground floor is a single space that is currently used as storage area, there is a deposit with a capacity of 3.000 liters. This deposit is filled with rainwater that is collected via the roof. The water is pumped to a smaller reservoir above the toilet, so that the water can be used in the toilet and in the kitchen. In addition to this mas, at about 30 meters, there is a basin that is filled with rainwater that comes from the mountains. And at about 200 meters there is another mas of about 47 m2, the walls of the building are in good condition. On the rented part of the property there is a “corral” (natural stone fence) of 284 m2. This can be used, but not renovated. It concerns a natural environment with great views. The finca is easily accessible and the asphalted road is less than 500 meters from the property. There is lots of privacy and the river Algars is two kilometers from the finca.