Finca in Maella with an area of 6.900 m2 (0.69 hectares), located about 9 kilometers from the village center. There is an original mas of 40 m2, of which the walls are in good condition. It is possible to completely renovate it. Traditionally the mas has an extension, built of natural stone, but this is in a state of ruin. The mas is situated on a high point, from where there are beautiful views and there are olive trees in the valley. There is a lot of privacy, as well as in the valley as where the mas is located. The last 400 meters of the wide gravel track should be renovated in order to reach the finca properly. And to be able to arrive to the mas a path of 150 meters would have to be made. If wanted we can assist in finding the right professionals. The finca is surrounded by nature, which makes it a very calm and quiet place.