Finca with a total surface area of 40.500 m2 (4.05 hectares), located about 8 kilometers from the village of Maella. The finca consists of two areas. The largest part is situated in the valley and there is also where the mas is located. The mas has a total area of 130 m2. There were two in the past. Now the masses have been combined into one big one. One of them has an area of 38 m2 with one floor, the other has two floors of 46 m2 each. The walls are in good condition, part of the roof is broken. In the valley 9.300 m2 is planted with olive trees and 19.200 m2 is unplanted. There is a beautiful view even though you are in a valley. The other part is on the mountain and this is a plot of 12.000 m2 planted with almond trees. From there there is a spectacular view, there is a view of the mountains and the village of Calaceite. The finca is surrounded by nature. The river Algars is located 3 kilometers from the finca.