Finca with water with a total surface area of 22.200 m2 (2.22 hectares), located about four kilometers from the town of Caspe. The property is planted with almond trees which are in full production and is located next to the river Guadalope. There are two “mases”, one of 56 m2 and the other one of 24 m2. Both buildings are in good condition.

You could say that the finca consists of three parts:

A piece of land of 18.900 m2 where the mases are situated, planted with almond trees. A piece of land of approximately 1000 m2, which is located next to the river. And a piece of private forest with an area of 2.300 m2, where the water comes from through an irrigation channel. From this forest there are great views.

The property has lots of privacy, is surrounded by nature and has a good access. The asphalt road from Maella to Caspe is located only two kilometers from the land.