Finca with water connection, with a masia, several barns, a garage and a mas, situated in Miraflores. Miraflores is a small village that is part of the town of Caspe. The finca is located about eight kilometers from the center of this city. The total area of the property is 32.000 m2 (3.2 hectares) and the finca is easily accessible via a tarmac road. It´s possible to split the property into two parts with the possibility of buying just one part. Both parts are explained below;

Part 1: Consists of the original mas, two barns, a garage and a vegetable garden. The original mas has a total area of 170 m2, 85 m2 per floor. Downstairs there is a spacious entrance which is used as a living room, there are two double bedrooms, a storage cupboard, a bathroom with toilet and a kitchen with dining area. On the upper floor there are three large rooms, all with lots of natural light. The house is connected to the electricity grid, but the current residents use solar panels. The heating and the geyser both work on gas. The house is completely self-sufficient and ecological. Next to the house there is a barn of 60 m2, 30 m2 per floor, with a small courtyard garden. In addition, there is a garage of 29 m2. And opposite the house there is a barn with a total area of 112 m2, 56 m2 per floor. On the ground floor there are two rooms, one is currently used for gatherings and the other room has a fireplace on the floor. The top floor consists of a single room. Next to this barn there is a space of 18 m2, which consists of a chicken coop and a storage room. The land on which these buildings are situated has an area of 1.080 m2. There is a vegetable garden, which can be watered with water from the irrigation canal and there are various types of fruit trees including olive trees, peach trees, plum trees, grapevines, fig trees as well as almond and walnut trees.

Part 2: This is a large piece of land of 31.000 m2 (3.1 hectares) which is connected to the irrigation canal which is planted with grain. The plot is situated next to the Guadalope River. There is a renovated mas of 32 m2 with a porch overlooking the land. Spelled flour is currently milled here. Lower down there is a wooded area with pine trees and a piece of land where licorice is grown naturally. Due to its location right next to the river, it´s a very green area with different types of trees and shady spots. It is possible to build something new on this plot.

The total price for the property is 88.000 euros. If someone only wants to buy the first part the costs are 59.000 euros and for the second part it is 39.000 euros.