Finca with a connection to water and a total surface of 53.800 m2 (5.38 hectares). The finca is situated about 7 kilometers from Maella and 17 kilometers from the village of Batea. 9.800 m2 consists of forest with pine trees, 21.700 m2 is an area with shrubs, 10.600 m2 is planted with olive trees and 11.700 m2 is planted with almond trees. Next to the field with olive trees there is a mas of 64 m2 in total, spread over two floors. The mas is in bad condition. The property can be irrigated from an irrigation canal during the winter months. This canal runs parallel to the river El Algars, which is located 100 meters from the property. Due to the high location of the building, there are beautiful views from there. The finca is located in a natural area and has a lot of privacy. It is possible to swim in the river and it is a beautiful area for walking.