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Are you interested in a property in Spain and do you want more information before you make a decision?

Then you can provide us with information that you have, such as an advertising link, a telephone number, an address, GPS coordinates or other data.

Ruralpropertyspain.com can provide you with the following information:

  1. Print out of the first conversation with the selling party, either a private person or a broker.

    This first contact is very important because it provides us with very relevant information about the general situation.
    € 30 + VAT
  2. Apply for the Nota Simple provided by the property register.

    This document informs us, among other things, who the owner is or who the owners are, whether there are debts on the property, what the possible associated costs are and whether there are restrictions on use.
    € 20 + VAT (plus the costs of the Nota Simple.)
  3. Sending the cadastral maps that make up the property.

    This serves to view data such as the area, the boundaries and for what the property can be used. It will also help us to compare the surface area with the register and see if they match.
    € 30 + VAT
  4. Aerial view of the property.

    It gives us a more global impression of the characteristics and location of the property in relation to the landscape.
    € 25 + VAT
  5. Find out the annual costs of the property and an indicative calculation of each of these costs.

    We communicate the annual costs of taxes such as IBI, water consumption, electricity, gas, taxes on pollution, sewage, waste, road improvement, etc.
    € 60 + VAT
  6. Verification that the property is up-to-date in the payment of taxes, community fees and invoices from companies that provide services.

    We provide the latest proof of payment of all payments related to the annual cost of the property and check if all payments are paid until the day of sale.
    € 80 + VAT
  7. Urban planning regulations in force.

    Every municipality has applicable urban development regulations. We provide it in PDF.
    € 30 + VAT
  8. Urban development report on the building options.

    We request a report from the municipal architect with the possibilities to build something new or to expand an existing construction from the relevant municipal council.
    € 50 + VAT
  9. Check whether a building permit and project by a competent engineer for the renovation of the building has been granted by the city council.

    We request a document from the relevant city council that confirms that the structure has been restored with the corresponding permission (permit) and/or project and that this permission has not been withdrawn. And if it is a new work, that the structure is built according to the general urban plan of the corresponding location.
    € 50 + VAT
  10. Check whether there is any open sanction procedure in progress at the urban development department of the municipality where the property is located.

    This procedure shows us whether or not there is a current fine on the property for an urban violation that could have been committed.
    € 40 + VAT
  11. Requesting a technical report from an architect to rule out that the property has problems or hidden defects that may arise in the future.

    Sellers are responsible for hidden defects that are not visible or visible. In case that such a problem arises, it is necessary to claim it through the court, which entails delays and costs. That is why an earlier report will save you surprises. 
    € 60 + VAT
  12. Residence permit when you first move into a new building (Licencia de primera ocupación del edificio), housing permit (Cédula de habitabilidad) or other administrative permits that prove that the house is habitable according to the law.

    This document is required to be able to live legally permanently in the building. We will find out if there is one, if it is relevant and if it is effective and not expired.
    € 50 + VAT
  13. Status of the energy efficiency certificate.

    When a house is sold, the owner is legally obliged to provide a document written by a technician about the energy characteristics of the property. We will verify this out before the sale.

    € 30 + VAT
  14. Registration of a newly built building in the property register.

    We request a certificate from the register that recognizes the existence of the company that built the building. We also find on this certificate details of registration, who are the managers and / or authorized representatives, the registered office, the NIF, as well as that there is no report of bankruptcy proceedings and a statement about the absence of claims, disputes or any unforeseen cases.
    € 80 + VAT
  15. Audit of the Owners Community Accounts ¨La comunidad de Propietarios¨.

    For this we request a certificate from ¨La Comunidad de Propietarios¨ to check whether all payments are current, as well as a formal statement that no rental agreements have been concluded on the property.
    € 40 + VAT
  16. Provision of a copy of the original deed.

    This is the official document that proves ownership of a property and that will help us to confirm the data obtained from the register. Also to verify whether the owner has sufficient ownership to be able to transfer ownership without restrictions.
    € 30 + VAT
  17. Knowledge about the amount for which the property was sold at the last transfer.

    We request the appropriate report from the registry for this.
    € 30 + VAT (plus the costs of the report)
  18. Obtaining the minimum tax value of the property of interest.

    Each property has a value that the state believes the real estate costs. The annual tax is determined based on that value. If the sale amount of the property in the deed is lower than that value, the difference must be paid via an additional settlement with a surcharge. We can offer you that value.
    € 40 + VAT
  19. Non-resident tax.

    In the case that your seller does not live in Spain, you must withhold 3% of the total purchase price and liquidate it to the tax authorities, otherwise the state will claim you and not the seller. We ensure that this situation is managed so that it is implemented correctly.
    € 60 + VAT
  20. Written proxy.

    If you want to authorize another person to purchase the property on your behalf, we will write that power and translate it from English into Spanish. We will make an appointment with your nearest notary or the Spanish consulate of your country and we will see to it that the power reaches the corresponding Spanish notary with the necessary stamp of The Hague.
    € 120 + VAT
  21. Opening a mailbox.

    In the case that you are not going to live permanently in Spain or the property that you want to acquire doesn´t have a physical address, we will assist you with opening a mailbox at the post office.
    € 30 + VAT.
  22. NIE application (identification number for aliens).

    This is an identification number assigned to foreigners so that they can identify themselves as soon as they enter Spain and it is an essential requirement to acquire a property. We coordinate all necessary steps for the application of the NIE.
    € 100 + VAT.
  23. Opening a bank account in Spain.

    Depending on where you are going to realise the purchase, we will find a bank nearby, we will make an appointment for you and we will tell you what the requirements are for you to open the account.
    € 50 + VAT
  24. Preparation of a provisional sales agreement or reservation contract.

    We prepare this contract between the parties, whereby the property is reserved by a deposit up to the time of the transfer.
    € 150 + VAT

Prices subject to change.


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