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Do you own a property in Spain and do you need help with bureaucratic procedures?

Then we offer a range of related services such as:

  1. Registration with the tax authorities.

    For the payment of the transfer tax and the annual taxes, you should be registered with the tax authorities in advance. We will register you at the ¨Censo del Contribuyente¨, this is the Spanish tax authority.    
    € 60 + VAT
  2. Payment of the transfer tax.

    This tax varies according to the community, but is between 4% and 10% of the deed price. We coordinate the payment and ensure that it is realized.
    € 60 + VAT
  3. Payment of VAT when purchasing a new-build home.

    The VAT rate for a new home is 10% of the amount stated in the deed, except in the case of officially protected homes, than the tax is 4%. We manage that payment.
    € 60 + VAT
  4. Authorized copy of the deed (Copia Simple) of sale and manage the payment of the notary fees.

    After signing at a notary, we will request a copy for you and ensure that it arrives so that you can save it as documented proof of the signature of the deed, while waiting for the original deed that may take a few months. We will also coordinate the payment of the notary fees.
    € 30 + VAT
  5. Registration of the property at the associated property register.

    After formalizing the purchase at a notary, it is advisable to register the property in your name at the property register. We monitor this process and coordinate the payment of the costs that this procedure entails.
    € 60 + VAT
  6. Registration as an owner at ¨La Comunidad de Propietarios¨ (community for property owners) and the realization of direct debit for the payment of maintenance costs.

    We arrange the registration and the payment method, it could be comfortable to pay by direct debit.
    € 50 + VAT
  7. Empadronamiento (registration at the relevant municipality).

    We assist you in registering you at the municipality where you have purchased the property.
    € 30 + VAT
  8. Conclude a contract with an electricity company and organize the automatic debits from your Spanish account.

    Having the electricity service in order is of the utmost importance and this management must be carried out with great care so that you can prevent unexpected power outages from the electrical company.
    € 80 + VAT
  9. Conclude a contract with the water company and organize the automatic debits from your Spanish account.

    This service and the name change of ownership will be performed with the competent company of the relevant municipality.
    € 50 + VAT
  10. Change of name for payment of irrigation water.

    We contact the associated irrigation union or the city council to transfer the irrigation rights to your name and arrange the corresponding annual payments.
    € 50 + VAT
  11. Arrange landline or internet connection.

    Depending on the location and area where your new home is located, we will study the best option and contact the corresponding company to register you with this service.
    € 60 + VAT
  12. Insurance for the building and its content.

    It is advisable to take out a home insurance policy, otherwise the owner must bear the economic consequences of a possible accident or theft.
    € 60 + VAT
  13. Have installed an alarm system from a private security company.

    In the case that such a service is not provided by the community of owners, we can assist you.
    € 60 + VAT
  14. Organizing the automatic transfer for the payment of the IBI (property tax) and the collection of waste.

    We will contact your city council and change these payments into your name.
    € 50 + VAT
  15. Arranging a Spanish will.

    It is useful to execute this deed in Spain, because it is much cheaper than the country of origin and speeds up future proceedings for offspring.
    € 60 + VAT
  16. Application for building permits.

    If you want to carry out work on your property, we can coordinate the submission of a request to the corresponding municipal council or, if necessary, contact an architect in the area for you.
    € 150 + VAT
  17. Search for underground water on a finca.

    We will find a company dedicated to water drilling to obtain water and we coordinate the first visit to your property to conduct the relevant study.
    € 80 + VAT
  18. Medical care in Spain.

    Once you are registered in the register, we can request your SIP card (Spanish health card) if you are entitled to medical care. Otherwise you must ensure that you have a private health insurance policy or that you purchase health insurance from the state. We can coordinate these services.
    € 80 + VAT

Prices subject to change.


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