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Víctor Álvarez

My name is Víctor Álvarez (1978) born in Barcelona. I studied law and after that I did a study for private detective at the university in Barcelona. I worked for years in both sectors until I changed course and started volunteering at an organic farm in Asturias where I met Ellen.

We have seen many places until we finally started a project as Agencia Inmobiliaria Rural (rural estate agent). For many people our work has made their dream a reality and has also given us the opportunity to exploit our qualities. Moreover, it was very nice to discover our strength as a team.

Have the ability to fully empathize with the client, knowing how to listen and give the precise answer, be transparent and direct, give practical and real solutions and having the necessary local contacts to provide a quality service at all times. These are some of the characteristics that give us that differential character.

I am passionate about being able to work as a lawyer specialized in real estate, an ambition that I have always cherished. Our goal is to continue to offer a quality service, so that you as a buyer can enjoy your time in Spain carefree!

ellen pannekeet van ruralpropertyspain

Ellen Pannekeet

My name is Ellen Pannekeet (1985) born in Noord-Scharwoude. After finishing high school I studied Media and Entertainment Management in Haarlem. Once I graduated, I went to Spain and stayed there unexpectedly. There I met Víctor on an organic farm, who just like me, did volunteer work.

After half a year we decided to travel through Spain together, until we found a beautiful village called Maella in northeastern Spain and started a rural project there, poner el huevo, they would say in Spanish.

Due to the variety of professionals we work with, it is possible for our customers to live completely self-sufficient in the middle of nature. This was the original motivation that we started with and which is now bearing fruit.

We are working on this project with great enthusiasm for more than 10 years now. The positive experiences of our customers and the assistance with often major renovations make our work very special. 

We hope that thanks to our clear and well-arranged website, you can find exactly what you need when you are looking for your own little paradise in Spain!