• Finca (20.500 m²)
    + Mas (24 m²)
    + Mas (14 m²)


Finca in Fabara with an area of 20.500 m2 (2.05 hectares). The property is located about 8 kilometers from the village of Fabara and 8 kilometers from the village of Batea. There are two masses, of which the walls are still intact. Both masses can be renovated. The largest mas is situated at the foot of a hill and has an area of 24 m2. The other mas in the valley has an area of 14 m2. There is a beautiful view from both buildings. The finca is located in a hilly area with pine trees in a natural environment. As a result, there is a lot of privacy and it is very quiet. The finca is easily accessible via a tarmac road and then about 200 meters via a sand road. The last 200 meters of the road only goes to this finca. The river Algars is situated less than two kilometers from the property.