• Finca (53.700 m²)
    + Mas (18 m²)


Finca in Arens de Lledó with a total area of 53.700 m2 (5.37 hectares) and a natural stone mas of 18 m2. The renovated mas is built against a rock and has concrete support beams and new roof tiles. It is possible to close the front of the mas and provide it with a window and a door, for example. Olive trees grow on the planted part of the finca, which has an area of 12.300 m2. The remaining area of 41.400 m2 consists of private forest. The finca is located at the end of the track in a unique place, completely surrounded by nature and has lots of privacy. There is a beautiful view, overlooking the village of Calaceite. The finca is easily accessible via wide gravel tracks, only the last 500 meters could perhaps be slightly adjusted to reach it with a normal passenger car. The finca is located about 4 kilometers from Caseres and 6 kilometers from Calaceite. Both villages have all amenities. The Algars River is approximately two kilometers from the property.