• Finca (14.800 m²)
    + Masía (331 m²)
    + Masía (323 m²)


These two very large “masías”, built around the year 1200, are located in the abandoned village called Pinyeres (Batea – Catalunya). A few years ago, one of the “masías” undergo a structural renovation; the walls, the floors and the roof have been completely renovated in the old style. This masía has a total surface area of ​​331 m2 and consists of three floors, a basement and a corral next to the building. In the past this corral was uses to keep cattle. The other masía has a total surface area of ​​323 m2 divided over three floors. The walls are in good condition, but the building needs a complete renovation. The property consists of 14.800 m2 (1.48 hectares) of land and the finca has a right to water. It is possible to apply for this water and to pump this water to the buildings from the channel. It is an extraordinarily special property, because of the size and uniqueness of the buildings and the special location, which has beautiful views over the hilly landscape and the river called Algars. The finca, also known as ¨La Mascarosa¨, has a private driveway and is easily accessible through a wide gravel path. It is also possible to buy one of the buildings. The renovated masía costs 120.000 euros and the other one would costs 70.000 euros.