• Finca (36.800 m²)
    + Mas (66 m²)


Finca with a total area of 36.800 m2 (3.68 hectares). The property is located in the municipality of Maella, about 10 kilometers from the center of Maella and 8 kilometers from Mazaleon. There are almond trees and olive trees, which are in full production. Although there is no obligation for maintaining the orchard. There is a mas of 66 m2, 33 m2 per floor. Downstairs there is a reservoir which is filled with rainwater that is collected through the roof. Upstairs there is a fireplace and a room. The walls and roof are in good condition. It is possible to completely renovate the mas. The building stands in its own valley, this valley is about 500 meters long and consists of about 20 terraces. Higher up there is a plot with almond trees from where there are beautiful views. The finca is surrounded by nature with pine trees, which makes it calm and quiet. And partly because the property is situated at the end of the track, there is lots of privacy. The finca is accessible via a wide gravel path, only the last 500 meters are due for renewal. If required, we can assist in finding the right person to do this.