• Finca (4.600 m²)
    + Mas (114 m²)


Finca with water with an area of 4.600 m2 (0.64 hectares). The property is situated about 4 kilometers from the village of Calaceite and close to the Santa Ana hermitage, a natural place that is also used for walking and relaxing. The finca is connected to the irrigation canal, this water can be used for own use and/or for a vegetable garden. There is a mas of 114 m2, divided over two floors. On the ground floor there is a dining room with a long table, a fireplace and a storage room. Upstairs there is a living room, a single bedroom, a double bedroom, a toilet connected to a septic tank and a room where the water tank is located, which supplies the house with water. This reservoir is filled once in a while with a pump from the irrigation canal. Outside there is a swimming pool of 15 m2 and there are several fruit trees. The finca is surrounded by nature, so there is lots of privacy and is easily accessible via a tarmac road.