• Finca (73.200 m²)
    + Mas (24 m²)
    + Mas (26 m²)


Finca in Maella with an area of 73.200 m2 (7.32 hectares). The finca is located about 6 kilometers from the village and is planted with almond trees, which are in full production. Although the property is well maintained, you are nog obliged to continue working the land. It is a valley with terraces and there is a mas of 24 m2, the walls are in good condition. It is possible to completely renovate it. There is also a mas of 26 m2, but it was built on municipal land at the time. This mas can be used as storage space for example, but it cannot be renovated. The finca is surrounded by hills with pine trees and it is a peaceful and quiet location. The finca is easily accessible by a gravel track and is situated about 2 kilometers from the Algars river.