• Finca (42.000 m²)
    + Mas (41 m²)


Finca in Maella with a total area of 42.000 m2 (4.20 hectares) and a mas. The property is located about 6 kilometers from the center of the village and 5 kilometers from Mazaleon. There are mainly olive trees, which are planted on the plot of the mas. There are almond trees on the plot on the other side of the track and 11.400 m2 consists of private forest. The property is completely surrounded by hills with pine trees, making it a peaceful and quiet location. The mas has an area of 41 m2. The walls are in good condition and the mas can be renovated. There is a beautiful view from various places on the finca and there is a lot of privacy. The finca is easily accessible via wide sand tracks and the lake Val Comuna is located one kilometer from the property.