• Townhouse (590 m²)


House with a shop in the historic center of Maella with a total area of 590 m2. At the front of the house there is a street and there is a square at the backside, so there is a lot of natural light inside. The house consists of four floors, each of equal size. The ground floor has an area of 148 m2 and consists of a shop, a large workplace consisting of different areas and two toilets. The shop at the street side is currently used as a baker’s shop and is a busy shop in the village. The current owner rents out the ground floor. The new owner could continue with the existing rental. There is room for a complete house on each floor. The overall condition of the house is good, only the roof should be renewed. It is possible to connect the house to the internet and digital television. The house is situated close to all basic amenities and it is possible to purchase a vegetable garden, a five-minute walk away.