• Finca (198.900 m²)
    + Mas (92 m²)


Finca with a total area of 198.900 m2 (19.89 hectares), located about 9 kilometers from the village of Maella and about 12 kilometers from the village of Batea. There is a mas with a total area of 92 m2, divided over two floors, so 46 m2 per floor. The walls of the building are in good condition. 32.900 m2 of the property is planted with almond trees and there are olive trees on 24.600 m2 of the land. Both are in full production. The remaining 141.400 m2 is private forest with pine trees and shrubs. There is a water connection next to the finca, to which the finca could be connected. The river Algars is situated about two kilometers from the property. There are several places at the river wehe it is possible to swimm. The finca is close to the asphalt road, so is easily accessible and at the same time there is lots of privacy. The valley is located in a natural and mountainous area.